By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Rainbow Bagels Are A Gift From The Unicorns… And You’ll FREAK At The Toppings.

Bagels are synonymous with New York and the recipe for this morning staple hasn't changed much. Except, Scot Rosillo, founder and owner of The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, has a creation that's raking in the dough.

Also known as The Bagel Artist, Rosillo concocted the rainbow bagel 20 years ago. A fun and delicious dessert that looks more like neon moulding clay than something you can eat. The secret recipe takes five hours to churn out a batch of 100; in contrast, one can bake 1,000 traditional bagels in the same amount of time

Even the cream cheese has received a makeover. Rosillo's spread is a Funfetti cream cheese made from cake mix. The taste has been described as eating cake or a fruity cereal. We are not sure if, after a couple of bites of this treat, we will be dreaming of unicorns and rainbows.

Watch the video to see how they're made.

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