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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Rainbow Eyebrows Are Helping People Embrace Their Inner Unicorn.

Eyebrows have always been a very important feature of a woman’s face. In fact, they’re important on a man’s face too – and they know it, because more and more of them are beginning to actually shape them. Nonetheless, most men don’t know the burden some women go through in attempts of achieving eyebrows that are up to "women standards." Eyebrows frame the face and can complete a woman’s face if she’s having a makeup-free day.

Now I’ve seen eyebrows go through all sorts of trends: the thin eyebrow craze (where it looked like the person literally drew in their eyebrows with sharpie), the straight Korean-style eyebrow, the boxy thick eyebrow, I’ve even seen a person bleach their eyebrows – but never have I seen someone sport multi-colored eyebrows. That being said, they actually don’t look as bad as you would originally think they would. In fact, we’ve gathered some Instagram posts from women (and one man) who are actually killing the look.

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#tbt missing my #rainboweyebrows and my ombré #locs.

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Nude. Well, almost. #BATALASHpalette

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