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Rainbow Sushi Is The Latest Food Trend… TBH It Looks Too Awesome.

It's official: People love rainbows, and more specifically, they love rainbows in their food. So far, we've seen rainbow ice cream, rainbow bagels, rainbow pizza, and more. But these days, it's all about the rainbow sushi.

Using the hashtag #rainbowsushi, people are sharing incredibly vivid photos of their raw fish rolls -- as if sushi wasn't already Instagram-friendly enough, this rainbow trend takes it to a whole new level. See some of the colorful, delectable images below, proof that everything looks better in rainbow.

You just don't get more colorful than this.

Next, rainbow bagels.

The trick is to use food coloring on your rice before rolling it precisely.

The vegetables and fish are colorful on their own, but with the dyed rice each roll is like a tiny little color bomb.

Dinner plans!🍣 #theindigokitchen #rainbowsushi #eattherainbow #fashionscene #sushi #nevernoteating #rainbowcolors

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And of course, the Instagram styling is pretty epic as well.

My kind of Sushi 🌈 @baryr

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#rainbowsushi #sushirolls

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What do you think: Would you turn your rolls into rainbows?

Source: Instagram