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By Camila Villafañe

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Indonesian Government Paid $22K To Give Slum Village A Colorful Makeover.

It's easy to see why tourists would want to come to this Indonesian town and take a few snaps.

The village is so Instagram-worthy, and the hashtag #kampungpelangi has become popular on social media. The increase in tourism has helped the local economy out too, as sales from souvenirs, as well as local food establishments have also increased.

The town, which was considered a slum, has gotten a bright makeover and a bright future.

The colors are like eye candy for locals and tourists. It's as if the village is now pulsing with new life thanks to the bohemian style artsy motif that the colors provide for this town. It's amazing how a little color can make such a huge difference.

While the project doesn't fix all of the problems this town faces, it's a step in the right direction.

Colors can't fix poverty, at least not right away, but what it can do, aside from bringing more revenue from tourism, is to alleviate the depression that comes with living in poverty, and hopefully give people hope for a brighter future.

Not long ago, villagers had to contend with depressing, rundown homes built next to each other.

Anyone who says that colors aren't enough to help these people are wrong. If anything, the beautification project helps to encourage the locals to better care for their town. Besides, can you think of a better way to turn something ordinary into a happy town? We didn't think so.

Source: deMilked

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