By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Wasps Prefer RAINBOW Color Nests, And When You See Them You Will Too.

Like birds, some wasps build nests with the materials they have at their disposal. That's why when biology student Mattia Menchetti had the idea to set out construction paper for the European paper wasps outside of his house, they set to work in creating the most colorful hives we've ever seen.

Menchetti gave the wasps the paper gradually, alternating in color. Over time, the wasps built their incredible, striped homes from the paper, and the resulting hives are absolutely beautiful. Check out some of their colorful creations below.

In the pasts, researchers and scientists have learned that certain insects will produce colorful nests if the proper materials are close by. In fact, in 2012, bees produced blue and green honey, the result of there being an M&M factory nearby.

In Menchetti's experiment, the wasps actually produced colorful hives with the paper he provided.

He gave them the colors one by one, and the wasps set to work building their nests.

How amazing is this?

Source: This Is Colossal