By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

What Really Lies At The End Of A Rainbow Is Unexpectedly Hilarious.

We all know that rainbows are caused by reflections of light in water droplets. As children, I think we've all fantasized about the legendary leprechaun and his hidden pot of gold at the end of the multi-colored arcs. No matter how old you are you have to admit when you see a perfect rainbow, it brings a smile to your face and for a second you wonder about what's at the end.

Here are 23 perfectly-timed photographs that reveal the rainbow's treasure.

#1. An upside down RV in the middle of a field.

#2. I-65 liquor store.

#3. A lonely cow in the middle of a field.

#4. This woman's open shirt.

#5. Kangaroos that appear to be basking in the glow of colors.

#6. A bride having a photograph session in the middle of nowhere.

#7. A portable potty.

#8. A place where you can find some fermented beverages.

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