By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Died Saving His Owner From A Lightening Strike, The Last Photo Broke My Heart.

When adventurer Jonathan Hardman set out for a hike on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado with a few friends and his dog Rambo, he couldn't have anticipated that the occasion would end in tragedy.

Hardman, Rambo, and friends were beginning to descend the summit when a thunderstorm brewed quickly overhead. As Hardman was showing Rambo where to jump, lightning struck. The next thing Hardman knew, he was lying on his back, unable to move. Rambo was sitting next to him, lifeless.

The group was ready for an extreme hike, but they couldn't have prepared for the tragedy that was to befall them.

When the thunderstorm hit, Hardman was guiding Rambo down the mountain. A lightening bolt struck both of them, killing Rambo and leaving Hardman with serious injuries.

When Hardman was admitted to the hospital, the doctors told him that if Rambo hadn't been in front of him when the lightening struck, Hardman would have certainly died. Basically, Rambo absorbed most of the shock from the lightening instead of Hardman.

This was their last photo taken together on that fateful day.

"As some of you already know, I was hit by lightning today when I was hiking Mt Bierstadt with my dog. I survived but my wonderful dog Rambo took the lightning bolt with me and he died," Hardman wrote on Facebook. "It's because of him I'm still alive. I'll miss you so much Rambo"

Source: The Dodo