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24 True Facts… The One About YouTube Is Hard To Comprehend!

People are always looking for interesting facts to use as conversation starters. It’s been something that has been part of life since the days of Adam and Eve. They just didn’t have the resources back then that we do now. Facts weren’t as easily obtainable back then.

With the internet as we know it today, the information highway is exactly that. There is never a shortage of information on whatever topic you need. Back in the day people used to go to the library whenever they needed to do a little research, but now they just pull out their cell phones. Wow, how times have changed.

Some things couldn’t be found in the library though and that’s one of the great uses of the internet. The library might have been able to give facts like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” broke box office records by generating more revenue than “Avatar” did, but could it have told you that Olympic athletes ate so much free McDonald’s food in 2016 that the restaurant had to put a twenty dollar limit per order in place? Maybe it could have eventually but not anywhere as fast as the internet gave you the info.

Read on and you’ll find 25 conversation starters to use. If you don’t want to use the information for that, you’ll at least be able to consider yourself a little bit smarter now. Information is power!

#1. At the 2016 Olympics athletes ate for free at a McDonald's restaurant. They ordered so much food the lines extended out the door. They had to cap each order at $20.

#2. The International Space Station grew the first ever flower in space using a system designed by NASA.

#3. Several states have had to replace mile markers with 420 on them because pot heads kept stealing them. Now they read 419.9.

#4. Online dating is generating more than a billion dollars a year. Before you sign up though you should remember that more than half of the profiles on there are fake.

#5. The Tampa Bay Lightning signed female goalie Manon Rheaume in 1992. She played in a pair of preseason games for Tampa Bay but didn't make the regular season roster. She was the first woman to take part in a major pro sports game though, even though they didn't count.

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