Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Perfect Notes I Wish I Had Written Myself.

Before the rise of the internet, and e-mail, people would write notes to say what they needed to say. It wasn't such an easy time where you could just log onto Facebook and send a message real quick. You would actually have to take the time and write out a letter, buy some stamps, and put it in the mailbox. While this wasn't the most convenient form of communication, it sure was more thoughtful than just clicking send. The following people revived the old method of communication, and left notes for those they needed to speak to. I've got admit, they're pretty hilarious, too!

#1. An entire year, and no one could pick that up? Oh my.

An entire year, and no one could pick that up? Oh my.

#2. People are coffee fanatics, and some are really attached to their coffee mugs.

#3. I'm not really sure if they needed to waste this much paper.

#4. Finding out there's no tooth fairy is always a sad time in a child's life, but this time it might just be sadder for the parents.

#5. Well, that's one way to tell your neighbors they need to chill out a little bit.

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