He Saw A Huge White Shape In The Water, So He Turned On His Camera…

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The Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation has made a fascinating discovery related to one of Australia's biggest national treasures. Migaloo is a rare albino humpback whale that was first spotted in 1991 and become somewhat of a celebrity ever since. His name was taken from an indigenous word that means "white fella."

However, until 2011, many marine biologists suspected that Migaloo was the only one of his kind. It was then that someone spotted a similar creature making his way through the Pacific Ocean.

Below is footage of what scientists say is the Son of Migaloo, a slightly smaller, whiter version of the rare albino humpback. They haven't seen him for awhile, but when he made an appearance the other day, he really gave the camera a performance. Check out the stunning footage of this amazing animal below.

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