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By Huong Ngo

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25 Of The Cutest Rare Animal Babies You’ve Never Seen.

No one knows the exact amount of species that exist on Earth. In fact, thousands of new animal species are discovered every year. Even if you're an animal lover, you've probably only met a tiny fraction of all the animal species that have been identified. But don't let that discourage you. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to discover new interesting creatures. Check out the list we've created below of a bunch of rare animal babies you probably had no idea existed.

#1. Echidna Puggle

So this is what a baby version of Jabba the Hut looks like.

#2. African Bat-Eared Foxes

They look like they're in full radar mode. These guys are on the night shift for look-out!

#3. Baby White-Nosed Coati

Even when an animal has scary claws, you can't deny a face like that!

Baby White-Nosed Coati

Alea Christine

#4. African Wild Dog Puppy

Is it just the picture or is the outline of the eyes and nose blue?

#5. Orphaned Baby Eastern Quoll

These babies are being cared at Bruny Island. And look at those spots! Not very camouflage proof though?

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