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This Cat And Rat Are The Most Unlikely BFFs You’ll Ever See.

Throughout history we have witnessed great rivalries among people, countries, and sports teams. Depending how entrenched the conflict is, it can be passed down from generation to generation like Athens vs. Sparta, Hatfields vs. the McCoys, and even Canada and the United States over hockey.

Modern feuds between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford or the late Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, prove that as long as there is even a hint of threat or competition, the next great battle is just around the corner.

Two friends were probably never told they have been mortal enemies from the beginning of time. Or maybe they just don’t care to repeat history and just want to prove everyone wrong that fighting and hating each other is just not worth it. Ranj and Peanut are too busy cuddling, playing, and loving one another to get into petty fights.

Ranj is a stray cat who was rescued by his human Maggie Szpot in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Maggie didn't know how Ranj would react when she brought pet rats in the house. Peanut's sister Mocha wanted nothing to do with the feline but Peanut fell in love with Ranj immediately.

Peanut was brought into the home as a baby, keeping him and his sister fenced for their own protection.

"Ranj actually jumped inside to get a closer look. He is always curious of new things," says Maggie.

From that moment on, the friendship flourished. Maggie says Peanut followed her beloved cat everywhere.

Ranj has plenty of love to give. He also loves Timmy, another cat and two pet birds.

Maggie's fear that Ranj's natural instinct to want to hurt and eat Peanut never came true.

Ranj even let his buddy Peanut eat from his food bowl. But Peanut's favourite thing to do has been snuggle and lick the feline.

In fact, Peanuts love for Ranj is sometimes too much for the cat. "There were times when Peanut invaded Ranj’s personal space too much and he’d leave or hop onto anything off the ground to get away from her," explains Maggie.

Even though Ranj craves personal space at times he still loves his buddy and his kisses.

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