By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Two Furious Rattlesnakes Had A Dance-Off… Their Moves Are Scary Good.

Laura Miller was on a hike in Cave Creek Road, Arizona when she witnessed two rattlesnakes in a duel. The western diamondback rattlesnakes engage in a “combat dance” during mating season over breeding rights if a female is close by.

The snakes raise their bodies up, weaving, and twisting around each other. The stronger or larger snake pins the smaller one to the ground until it gives up. The hiker shot two videos of the feud but stopped when she was unable to see the venomous snakes. "We didn't know where they would turn up, so we picked up our stuff and moved away,” says Miller.

"I noticed something across the wash, on the hill, waving, like ribbons caught on a bush or something," says Miller about her encounter.

This species has two breeding seasons: spring and fall.

Source: And ThisIsWhatISaw