By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Heard A Crow Squawking Loudly… When She Realized Why She To Act Quickly.

Over thousands of years of evolution, it's safe to say that most animals have developed a survival mechanism or two. Birds, mammals, and reptiles have all figured out how to stay out of trouble, and when they don't, they have specific ways of managing themselves through disease and injury. In a sense, animals are usually quite capable of rescuing themselves -- although as this video proves, sometimes it's nice to have us humans around in a pinch.

A wild raven perched himself on this family's fence for an hour, squawking in what sounded like pain. When they went to check him out, they realized that he was stuck with four porcupine quills, one in his wing and three in his face. Realizing that this bird wouldn't be able to save himself, the family decided to take matters into their own hands and help him out. Luckily, they caught the entire amazing interaction on tape.

Source: iluvdodge9