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You’ll Never Guess What Makes This Piece Of Real Estate So Incredible. I Didn’t Know This Was Even Possible.

This is one of the coolest pieces of real estate ever! It’s a cave called the Tree of Human Kindness and is located between Sante Fe and Taos, New Mexico. What makes it so remarkable is that it was hand sculpted by the hands of one man, Ra Paulette, over the course of 25 years with a pick, an axe, and a wheelbarrow.

The property listing at Santa Fe Properties describes it as having “majestic mountain views, surreal rock formations throughout, two unforgettable hand-carved cathedrals or meditation chambers, candlelit niches, recessed seating and various breathtaking side rooms that are washed in sunlight.” The property also has underground electric power, gated access from the highway, telephone lines, and owner financing for qualified buyers.

The lot size is 208 acres and is listed for $995,000. It can also be bought in halves, the northern or southern part, for $550,000 of 100 acres each, or 14 subdivided lots can be bought for $49,000 each.

“When digging and excavating the caves I break down all the movements into their simplest parts and reassemble them into the most efficient patterns, ” says Paulette in trying to explain his ‘process’. “Like a dancer, I ‘feel’ the body and its movement in a conscious way. I’m fond of calling this ‘the dance of digging’, and it is the secret of how this old man can get so much done.”

To see the award-winning documentary about Ra Paulette, Cave Digger, visit the website.

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