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By Camila Villafañe

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This Zookeeper From Miami Is The Real Life Tarzan.

There's a reason why Mike Holston, a zookeeper from Miami, Florida, calls himself "The Real Tarzann," and "King Of The Jungle." But Beastmaster would be way more appropriate given that he has a love for animals, and the animals appear to love him back. He's not afraid to hold or to hang out with anything from poisonous snakes to toothy tigers. Now, using his YouTube and Instagram, he educates people on how awesome animals are, and in the process, he shares with us how these animals guided him through life, just like Tarzan, which of course, he spells with two "Ns" at the end.

When Mike Holston was a kid, he used to watch a show called "Kimba The White Lion."

As a child, he always dreamed of either own or working with a white lion, and he never stopped dreaming until he actually got his wish as a zookeeper in Miami, Florida, where he gets to show this white lion some love.

Maybe the reason he calls himself "Tarzann" is because he has a chimp like Tarzan did in the movies.

In the classic Tarzan films, the character had a chimp named Cheetah. Looks like Holston has his own Cheetah in this chimp, and the two love to goof off. Holston even calls this chimp his little nephew. Aw, isn't that cute?

Holston has a soft spot for exotic reptiles too, like this panther chameleon from Madagascar.

A male panther chameleon can measure up to 20 inches long, while the female is half that size. And unlike the female, the male counterparts have brighter colors of blue, red, green, yellow, and orange, versus the female, which only offers old tan with a bit of pink or orange.

For Holston, getting to work with animals like this chimpanzee is a blessing in disguise.

He considers that a greater power has placed these animals in his care so that he could love them and look after them for the rest of his days, and clearly, the animals are happy to have such an awesome human caretaker.

When it comes to monkeys, Holston loves them all regardless of what species they are.

Take this marmoset primate, for example, whose head appears bigger than his body. It's so cute, especially when it's making funny faces like this one, that make you wonder what he saw that shocked him so much!

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