Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

This Zookeeper From Miami Is The Real Life Tarzan.

Holston loves being surrounded by baby tigers.

He's so comfortable with these cubs, even though he's outnumbered five to one. He doesn't even mind that two of them seem to be nomming on his sneakers. Hopefully, the sneakers aren't the appetizer for these toothy cubs.

When in the world have you ever seen a fox with pointy ears as humongous as these are?

My, my, Mr. Fox! What big ears you have! This is actually one of Holston's favorite animals, a fennec fox, which is a small nocturnal animal often found in North Africa's Sahara. The big ears help the fox overcome the intense heat.

Holston doesn't mind hanging around with creatures like this sloth, for instance, who's super cute.

Sloths love hanging upside down in the trees, and they're particularly fond of the tropical rainforests in Central and South America. But they also don't mind hanging out at zoos with an equally adorable guy like Holston.

Holston often goes to the ZWF to hold a spotty and heart-melting baby jaguar that's amazing.

The ZWF is the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, which raises awareness for wildlife conservation. It also holds rare species born in captivity, and cares for them, which parallels Holston's mission to look after animals, endangered or otherwise.

You might hear a lot of rap songs in some of his videos on YouTube, but Holston doesn't wear chains.

Instead of gold chains around his neck, Holston prefers to have two or three snakes wrapped around his shoulders. Now that takes a lot of guts, and he reminds us of his idol, the late Steve Irwin, who also loved animals and was a huge risk taker.

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