By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She SLAMMED The Trolls Who Fat-Shamed Her Boyfriend, Her Exact Choice Of Words Is Awesome.

When Ashley Stevens was at her cousin’s wedding, she caught the bride’s bouquet of flowers. To share her joy, the 21-year-old took a picture of herself, her boyfriend Christopher Reed, and her dad making funny faces. She posted the photo on Facebook and a friend later sent it to Reddit. Within hours, Stevens and Reed were bombarded with hateful comments.

Reed was body-shamed for his weight and his appearance. “People were saying she was too good-looking for me. Some comments said there was no way I could be her boyfriend and they made fun of my weight,” said Reed.

The couple from Columbus, Georgia have been dating for two and a half years; they said they laughed at the comments despite how hateful they were. Nonetheless, Stevens posted a heartfelt response to all the negative comments about her relationship with her boyfriend.

Stevens' reply shows maturity and grace.

Source: Facebook