By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Airline Seat Costs $23,000, But What You’ll Get Will Make You Feel Like It’s Heaven.

By 2008 Derek Low had accumulated so many free flier miles that he was able to afford a $23,000 ticket aboard the Singapore Airlines Suite Class.


Singapore Airlines boasts the most luxurious commercial flying suites in the world. Your seating is a lavish cabin with sliding doors that create a secluded private space. Everything exudes luxurious comfort as the elegant soothing fragrance of wealth fills the air. For example, the whole interior was designed by a French designer named Jean-Jacques Coste, a famous luxury yacht designer. The seats were hand crafted and designed by Poltrona Frau: creating the kind of heavenly comfy leather chair only this Italian master can make.




The price tag from Singapore to New York was a little over $23,000 SGD ($18,000 US) for Derek, but that didn’t stop him! Those frequent flier miles really came in handy.


It’s a funny thing when you order a super high-end product. Derek forgot he was supposed to check-in via the super lavish check-in instead of the normal check-in.


Which, for Spingapore Airlines Suite Class, looks like this…

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