By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Airline Seat Costs $23,000, But What You’ll Get Will Make You Feel Like It’s Heaven.


The actual check-in area looks somewhat like a fancy hotel lobby. Probably designed by a famous exotic interior designer. Oh, and they didn’t even weigh his luggage.


Soon enough, he was bestowed the coveted Golden Ticket.



He was then greeted by an attendant who asked him “May I escort you to the Private Room?” He followed close behind, passing by roughly 60 people settling into their Business Class Lounge. The attendant walked hastily giving the impression she was concerned Derek might feel nauseated by them. He was then transferred to a different attendant who led him through the First Class Lounge, and then transferred to yet another attendant before finally arriving at the The Private Room.


All the staff inside the Private Room greeted Derek by his name, making him feel as though they already knew him.


And even though he wasn’t hungry he’d heard the stellar reviews about dining at the Private Room so he ordered himself some champagne with the Chicken and Mutton Satay.

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