By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

One Of These Lollipops Is Actually A Drawing... But Can You Tell Which One?

Howard Lee from Aberystwyth, Wales has got a question for you: Can you tell the difference between a drawing and reality? If you think you could, be warned: Lee's illustrations are so realistic, you just might find yourself stumped.

In fact, Lee's work is so true-to-life that many, many people haven't been able to tell the difference. He's gained a huge following on social media for his work, uploading amazing videos of his process (and revealing which of the objects you see is real, and which is not). You can see some of his amazing work below -- and even if you've got a great eye, at least one of these is going to surprise you.

Check out this video: At first, it looks like two hot dogs, sitting next to one another. Only one of them is real -- but can you really tell which?

How about these Instagram uploads? Be warned: The chocolate Santa totally stumped us.

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Sources: Howard Lee, Daily Mail