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He Was Born Without Arms, And You’ll SWEAR His Paintings Are Photographs.

Each of us have come across a fair share of street artists when roaming around the more touristy parts of town, but few of us have seen one like 23-year-old Mariusz Kędzierski. The Polish artist is based in Świdnica, and specializes in realistic and hyperrealistic portraits. He describes his work as "nothing special," except for the fact that he was born without arms.

Despite his disability, Kędzierski aspires to greatness. Over the past 7 years, he's dedicated over 15,000 hours to completing more than 700 drawings. He was also awarded second place at the 2013 Best Global Artist competition in Vienna. In addition to Vienna, he's participated in exhibitions in Cracow, Oxford, Wroclaw, and other cities.

In the past, he has studied at The E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw at the faculty of Interior Design but is otherwise self-taught. He recently launched a project titled 'Mariusz Draws', in which he traveled throughout Europe to inspire others to push beyond their limits and live their dream.

Mariusz Kędzierski is a young Polish artist that was born without arms.

You would never guess his disability by looking at his work, which mostly consists of realistic and hyperrealistic pieces.

A playful self-portrait by the talent in 2011.

Seeing him in action is an incredible experience in itself.

At only 23, Kędzierski is inspiring people across the globe to commit to their passions despite whatever barriers they may have.

To see more of Mariusz Kędzierski's incredible work, click here to visit his official Facebook page.

Source: Bored Panda