By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cat Is Going To Do WHATEVER He Wants… So Deal With It.

I wonder what I'll do today. Perhaps I'll lay around and bask in my own magnificence. Then, maybe I'll have a snack. After that, I think I'll go to the living room and see what my human is doing.

Oh, look, she's watching TV. I suppose that means she'll want me to situate myself on the table in front of the TV. Let's see, what do we have here? It's some kind of glass contraption. The glass contraption looks interest...oh wait, what's that over there? Ah, it's a remote. That needs to go on the floor. YUP, just like that.

Now, back to this glass contraption. I think this needs to go on the floor too. I'll just push it over to the...wait, what's that? The human doesn't want me to do it? How dare she deny me the right to push her things over? This is not some kind of silly game, human.

I think I'll stare at her until she's uncomfortable. Then, as soon as she's relaxed, I'll just keep pushing this to the...


My work here is done.

Source: Jennifer Morales