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Embarrassing Photos To Remind You To Check The Background BEFORE You Post.

Imagine this. You're at Disneyland trying to get your photo taken in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle but people keep stepping into the frame. You wait patiently to get as clear of a shot as possible. After all, it's your birthday. You want a nice picture. Finally, the stranger who agreed to take your photo says they got perfect shot. You thank them, and they disappear off into the crowds.

At first glance the photo looks fantastic but when you look a little closer you notice someone in the background making a silly face. Maybe that someone is actually Mickey Mouse, which would make your day, but chances are it's probably a random person playing a practical joke. Or maybe you're that person.

Photobombing is when someone spoils a photograph by intentionally or unexpectedly steps in. No one knows for sure when the practice first began but some say it started to gain widespread popularity in 2009. Five years later, Collins English Dictionary named "photobomb" Word of the Year.

Below we've included some of the most creative (and crude) photobombers we've seen. As you can tell, most of these photos are outdated. Look like it's time to make photobombing great again.

#1. Let’s Get It On

Those giraffes sure know how to make a trip to the zoo worthwhile. Next time, leave the kids at home.

Let’s Get It On

#2. Monster Gummy Worm or Sugar Dildo?

Have you ever seen anything like it? This woman hasn’t. Her face says it all.

#3. Look Alive

If you look through the space just under his arm, you’ll see them. It’s as if he planned it…

Look Alive

#4. Family Portrait

Just taking a picture with grandma. And what’s that in the background? Nudist neighbors? We’ll never know…

Family Portrait

#5. High School Sweethearts

There are few things that are as sweet as young love but being the class clown definitely comes close.

High School Sweethearts

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