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Dog Makes A Stunning Recovery After Owners Gave Him The ‘Best Final Day’.

They may be furry and stand on all four legs but dogs are members of the family like their human counterparts. When an animal that is loved and cherished becomes ill, it is only natural for the owners to do everything in their power to make sure they heal and get better as soon as possible.

Regardless of how expensive the treatment is, if it means the canine is not in pain, folks will pay for what is needed without hesitation. Still, there comes a point where accepting the medical diagnosis is the most loyal thing one can do. No one wants to put a pet through any more pain, even if it means having to let them go.

Allison Maxwell fell in love with her pup Maverick eight years ago at a kill shelter. When Allison and her husband Joey purchased their home in Deland, Florida, it had to come with a nice, big back yard where Maverick could play with his tennis ball all day long. They have always put Maverick as their top priority.

Allison and Joey are convinced Maverick is no ordinary dog.

Anyone that comes in contact with the canine, immediately falls in love with him. Even those afraid of dogs.

The family's favourite saying is "everybody loves Maverick!"

A year and a half ago, Maverick was diagnosed with lymphoma. He went through chemotherapy and after six months, he was back to his old self.

Unfortunately, by the end of this summer the cancer had returned.

The couple put Maverick through chemotherapy treatment again. Still, Maverick seemed to be making a turn for the worse. "They sent us home from the vet last week for home hospice care," Joey told Fox 13 News. "We were planning on just a couple of days with our big guy."

Joey and Allison "decided to give him the best day ever." They went to a Lowe's hardware store looking for a wagon.

Maverick stopped using the back of his legs. The Mavericks were fearful this meant the cancer had spread there. "He's had back problems for a while, and we believed that this was an extension of the cancer," says Joey.

The wagon they needed for Maverick retails for $130 which is quite steep since they were already spending so much on the medical bills.

Still, they wanted to make beautiful memories with their pup. Their local Lowe's had sold out of that wagon but after hearing their story, the store manager was able to locate one and bring it over to his location.

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