By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Original Ways To Reuse Your Old T-Shirts. #13 Is Adorably Practical.

There's nothing better than a great t-shirt. In fact, t-shirts are so great that it's a little too easy to collect them, and sometimes we find ourself with a somewhat ridiculous surplus of tees. Luckily, in addition to being comfortable and forever-fashionable, t-shirts are also extremely versatile. Here, we've collected 26 great ideas for how to turn your t-shirts into decorations, accessories, and even bowls. We are absolutely loving the last idea - it's simply the perfect springtime project.

#1. Turn your tees into a carpet.

Knit some old t-shirt scraps into a rug for your home, as large or as small as you'd like. We love the idea of putting one of these by the front door.

#2. Fashion a produce bag.

A t-shirt can make a handy produce bag, perfect for all those springtime trips to the farmer's market.

#3. Make some cute pom-poms.

This DIY shows you how to make some awesome pom-poms, which would be excellent decorations at a wedding or baby shower.

#4. Get creative with a gathered t-shirt.

This tutorial is totally unique and easy to follow, and will add a certain panache to your basic t-shirt.

#5. DIY a t-shirt dog toy.

Instead of buying a rope from the pet store, you can fashion one out of an old t-shirt. This is the one and only time it will be okay for a dog to chew up your clothes.

#6. Make a bowl.

Store your odds and ends in a cute coil bowl made from an old t-shirt. We love the idea of using these to store fruit as well.

#7. Recycle t-shirts into knitted dishcloths.

They're easy to knit, absorbent, and look cute sitting on your counter. Just make sure to use 100% cotton shirts for total absorbency.

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