By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Painting Doesn’t Make Any Sense, But When You Cross The River It Hits You… WOW.

You may not have thought you would ever have a reason to visit Marijamopole, Lithuania, but this amazing street art (coupled with the country's scenic countryside) just might make it worth the trip.

It's the compelling street painting of a Lithuanian Artist named Ray Bartkus, who spend hours painstakingly creating his work upside down. The reason? Bartkus wants the true painting to be revealed once it's reflected in the water.

Bartkus creates his scenes upside down, a process that relies on his patience and talent.

He also has to carefully choose building facades that are situated in specific places near the water.

From certain angles, you can't see the result of Bartkus' work.

However, if you stand across from the building and gaze out over the water, the image becomes clear.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Source: deMilked