By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

You Won’t Believe What’s Inside These Fridges. #3 Is Too Much!

Would you let a stranger take a photograph of the contents of your fridge right now? That’s what photographer Mark Menjivar did. He invited 80 people to be part of his project and then photographed their refrigerators.

When asked which refrigerators were most intriguing, Menjivar replied, “ The one of the botanist in Fort Wayne, Ind., who was really living on the edge of society, experiencing pretty severe mental illness and experiencing food insecurity. There were very few things in his refrigerator: some hotdog buns, an old Pepsi container holding water, a jar of old chili.

On the other end of the spectrum, I think about a midwife here in San Antonio, who has a refrigerator stuffed full of luscious green vegetables from the local farmers market.

With each photograph, there is a little bit of information about the owner — just enough to be a starting place for the imagination.”

To see more of Menjivar’s Refrigerator series, visit his website.





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