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These Refugees Refused To Leave Their Pets Behind, The Photos Will Hit You HARD.

Talk to any refugee from anywhere in the world and the subject is the same. The situation in their homeland is so dire that leaving despite the unknown is the only solution. Leaving behind their family, friends, jobs, homes, and many times their culture and language, for a better future is the ultimate sacrifice to live in peace and safety. Many carry the hope that they will meet their loved ones again some day.

Currently, the world is witness to the Syrian refugee crisis that began in 2011 and is not slowing down anytime soon. Millions of families are making the trek to Europe in addition to countries like Lebanon and Jordan. These families though, are bringing their family pets with them. Dogs, cats, and even birds have been making the long and painful journey for a new life.

The migration is long and dangerous. However, Syrians are showing that no family gets left behind, even if they are a different species.

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Marco Djurica/Reuters

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Source: The Dodo