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Heartwarming Friendship Between Little Boy And His Dog Is (Almost) Too Cute.

Nothing is comparable to the bond and companionship a person can share with a dog. It's the type of friendship that can never be replicated and always cherished. With that being said, this type of friendship is even stronger when the dog is in a person's life early on.

Take 3-year-old foster child Buddy and his best friend Regan the labradoodle, for example. They practically do everything together from taking a bath to napping to enjoying coffee by the lake. In fact, these two are so cute together that Buddy's foster grandmother is releasing a charitable book about them to supposed a foster parent organization.

“The touching, true story of Reagan and Little Buddy needed to be told. I couldn’t keep all the adorableness to myself,” said Sandi Swiridoff, the little boy’s foster grandmother.

“It includes never before seen photos, showcasing their relationship from the time they first met, up until now, almost two years later… Their story is one of a strong bond and a sweet friendship, and includes a few surprises,” Swiridoff revealed.

Swiridoff's daughter first adopted Reagan the labradoodle when he was 8 weeks old to help her cope with the pain of giving up her two first foster children.

Giving up foster children after already creating a special bond with them can be very heartbreaking and difficult. Thankfully, Reagan helped her days go by easier.

Buddy was adopted when he was just an 11-month-old baby and has been best buds with Reagan ever since!

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