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She Never Expected Such A Beautiful Gift When He Took The Following Photo...

French photographer Réhahn Croquevielle aka Réhahn has fallen in love with Vietnam, so much so that he has made this Asian country his new homeland. He has published five books of which four were of the people from this exotic country.

His latest book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts, the Frenchman used the photo of 74-year-old Bui Thi Xong for his book cover. The elderly woman is a rower whose boat was old, consequently she was struggling getting tourists to hire her. Réhahn promised the woman that if his book was a success, he would buy her a new boat.

Réhahn loved this photo so much he used it as the cover for his book. Bui Thi Xong was not used to having her picture taken. She was so shy she hid her face behind her hands.

Réhahn loves the beauty of the elders in Vietnam: their wrinkles on their faces and their rough hands.

The Frenchman promised Bui Thi Xong that if his book was successful, he would buy her a new boat.

The book was released last year. Bui Thi Xong became popular in Vietnam overnight, she's appeared on tv shows.

Réhahn true to his promise, gifted Bui Thi Xong with a new boat. Now, her business is thriving.

Here are more beautiful photos shot by Réhahn.

Source: Boredpanda