By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Mongolian Tribe Actually Exists… And The Photos Are Achingly Beautiful.

Dogs, cats, birds, and fish: These are the animals that most of us live with and love. In Outer Mongolia, people live with animals, too; Only these nomadic communities live side-by-side with reindeer.

In the farthest stretches of Mongolian countryside, the Tsataan people have been living in close proximity to wild animals for centuries. These photos, taken by photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami, show this nomadic tribe with their animals in the absolutely stunning Mongolian countryside.

Members of the Tsataan community use reindeer as a convenient mode of transportation to cross treacherous terrain.

From a young age, Tsataan children are taught how to train and domesticate reindeer.

In fact, once trained, reindeer are surprisingly gentle companions for even the youngest members of the Tsataan community.

Here, a Tsataan girl bathes a new reindeer calf.

"Tsaatan" roughly translates to "reindeer herder."

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