By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

His 6 Year-Old Son Wanted $20… So Dad Wrote Him A Hilarious Rejection Letter.

Six-year-old Auren from St. Louis has received a bank rejection letter in the amount of $20. The financial institution though, is his dad Mike who felt his son did not deserve an advance on his allowance. The boy kept asking his mom for money to buy a new toy. Despite being told “no” throughout the day, Auren persisted.

Finally his wife sent Auren to ask dad. “I was in my office, and he had clearly been bothering mom, who gave him the idea to 'go ask Dad for a loan on your allowance.’ So I thought it would be funny to send him back to her with a loan rejection letter in hand,” says Mike.

Auren took the note back to his mom to read to him. Despite the hard lesson in finances, it turned out the matriarch in the home finally caved in and bought Auren his toy. It is not clear, however, if he has to pay the money back with interest.

Source: Myfox8