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These Funny Comics Nail The Frustrating Reality Of Your Love Life.

If two people are asked to define their relationship, chances are it will take some time to answer. Many couples endure the test of time as their union is built on a foundation of love, intimacy, and common understanding. Although most people can easily identify just how quirky and crazy they are together, whether it be calling each other pet names to cuddling in their own special way. As much as we'd like to think the relationship with our significant other is completely one-of-a-kind, there are still a lot of similarities.

It's these commonalities that some talented illustrators are drawing inspiration from in a series of funny images. As you go down the list, you may find humour and comfort in knowing, despite our best effort to be unique, others are going through the same strange and hilarious scenarios in their own relationships.

How many of these pictures relate to you?

#1. Charles lifted her up a level, only to quickly bring her down.

#2. Emotional long distance is the hardest of all.

#3. Have not met the person who has ever gotten to the point of getting someone's booger out.

#4. Social media dating is so hard on the heart.

#5. The evolution of cuddling.

The evolution of cuddling.

Andrews McMeel

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