By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Hilarious Cartoons That Capture The Messy REALITY Of Relationships.

Relationships are a lot of hard work, but with that hard work comes endless amounts of ridiculousness, humor, and of course, love.

These memes focus on the nuanced issues that plague all relationships, from sex, to cuddling, to coping with stress, and trying to be together without murdering one another. Check these out if you're in a relationship -- they're totally relatable, and pretty hilarious.

#1. After all these years.

After all these years.

#2. Burn.


#3. These things take time.

These things take time.

#4. The differences between men and women are vast.

The differences between men and women are vast.

#5. It's just not fair.

It's just not fair.

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