By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Wonderfully Cozy Places Were You Could Find Your Perfect Happiness... In Style.

#9. Seating System Deluxe

Though it might look like a strange amalgamation of beach balls, the Seating System Deluxe is actually comprised of super-soft ball-shaped pillows that feel amazingly comfortable on your body You can even reshape the seat to whichever configuration you desire.

#10. The Envelope Sofa

A couch that can hold you tight while you binge-watch tragic love stories on Netflix. I always hoped this day would come.

#11. The Blandito

The Bandito is a comfy, foldable pad that you can twist and turn into any arrangement you prefer, comfy customization at your fingertips.

#12. The Sleepy Chair

The Sleepy Chair was designed to be a miniature version of a bed, making it ideal for catnaps.

#13. The Gravity Balans

You might feel a little bit nervous when you go to sit down in The Gravity Balans. However, the chair is totally secure, and perfect for reading or watching TV.

#14. The Luso Lounger

If you've ever sat on a chaise lounge and wished there was just a little more to it, The Luso Lounger might be perfect for you. The Luso can be arranged in various ways, and has a little extension on the side for when your arms could use an extra stretch.

#15. My (top) and the Roo (bottom)

Think of it as a modern beanbag chair for adults. You can stop stealing your daughter's Frozen beanbag chair now.

#16. The Sonic Bed

The Sonic Bed plays relaxing music for any and all who enter.

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