By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Students Live Completely Rent Free… But There’s A Catch.

It's every college student's dream: A cozy home in the center of Amsterdam in a charming building, with room and board completely covered. The only catch: They have to live with senior citizens.

As it turns out, this catch isn't really a catch at all, but rather an amazing program that lets young and old generations co-exist to the benefit of both. The students spend 30 hours volunteering with the senior residents every week - they serve meals, plan events, and simply hang out with them when they have extra time. It's quite a progressive idea, and as it turns out, a successful one. The students are able to obtain affordable housing and bring some of the fun to the outside world to the seniors. Right now, there are 6 students and 160 senior residents, but the program will hopefully expand in the future.

Check out the photos from this amazing initiative below.

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Source: My Modern Met