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What $1,500 In Rent Gets You In 16 Worldwide Cities… Basically I’m Moving To Cairo.

Let's face it: Living in any major city in the United States means that you spend at least a small amount of time wishing that your rent could be lower. San Francisco is virtually impossible to live without roommates, and New Yorkers spend a lot of their time rationalizing the fact that a studio is a perfectly reasonable place to live with two friends. But what does your rent look like in other cities in the world?

Buzzfeed put together this amazing list of what $1,500 a month in rent gets you in cities all around the world,and let's just say that not all apartments are created equal. After reading this, you may consider moving to Cairo.

#1. London — £997 ($1,551)

This studio in High Street Kensington is certainly pricey, but then again, it is London. In a city like that, who needs to stay inside?

#2. Paris, France — 1,220 euros ($1,323)

Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, this tiny apartment would be impossible to share - unless you were with your significant other, and you really, really liked each other.

#3. Berlin, Germany — 1,250 euros ($1,356)

Located by Rosenthaler Platz, this is called a "Altbau" style loft apartment. It's spacious, and in a great part of the city.

#4. Kathmandu, Nepal — 150,000 Nepalese rupees ($1,474)

Located in Sunakothi, Lalitpur, this house has four bedrooms and a servant's quarter, should you ever need help cleaning your enormous, fairly priced pad. It also has a swimming pool.

#5. Mumbai, India — 94,000 Indian rupees ($1,477)

This is basically a huge family home, equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gym, swimming pool, jogging track, and club house.

#6. New York City, United States — $1,425

Located in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn, this is one room apartment has about enough space for you and your checkbook.

#7. Buenos Aires, Argentina — 13,580 pesos ($1,488)

Located in Palermo Hollywood, this place includes a pool, a gym, and a walk in wardrobe- and it has 1.5 bathrooms.

#8. Shanghai, China — 8,564 Chinese yuan ($1,380)

Located in the Xuhui district, this tiny apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a whole lot of coziness.

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