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What $1,500 In Rent Gets You In 16 Worldwide Cities… Basically I’m Moving To Cairo.

#9. Sydney, Australia — 485 Australian dollars a week ($357)

This is in Sydney's central business district, and like many Australian apartments, the laundry room is inside the bathroom. That being said, we're not sure if this is a great bang for your buck.

#10. Moscow, Russia — 85,000 rubles ($1,491)

This swank apartment has one bedroom, a built-in stereo, large bathroom with sauna and bidet. This pretty much the perfect pad for a Russian baller.

#11. Los Angeles, United States — $1,512

This LA studio is located downtown, has some fancy furnishings, and even includes a rooftop swimming pool.

#12. Tokyo, Japan — 185,000 yen ($1,491)

Tokyo is expensive and Japanese apartments are all notoriously small, but for this price you can get three bedrooms and the joy of living in the central part of the city.

#13. Nairobi, Kenya — 150,000 Kenyan shillings ($1,463)

This two bedroom apartment has an amazing view, and there are two waterfalls within the apartment complex itself. IF your rent is the same or more than this, ask yourself: Do YOU have a waterfall?

#14. Cairo, Egypt — 9,648 Egyptian pounds ($1,232)

The view of this apartment is the real selling point: It's located a mere 200 meters from the pyramids. It also has four bedrooms,one bathroom, and air conditioning.

#15. Cape Town, South Africa — 15,000 South African rand ($1,209)

It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and is located in the Sea Point neighborhood. Stateside, it would be hard to find a place that got you that close to the sea for that amount of money.

#16. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — 3,107 Brazilian reais ($972)

This two bedroom, one bathroom hideaway is located in Rio's Santa Teresa neighborhood, which is known for housing many creative types. Compared to the rest of these apartments, this one is a total steal.

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