Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Artist Repackages Junk Food To Make It Attractive To Hipsters.

Try raiding a hipster's pantry and you probably won't find Twinkies, Nerds, or Slim Jims anywhere. The fact is that hipsters will only buy or do anything so long as no one else is. Once they find out that there are more than 10 people interested in the same thing they are, they lose interest. So one U.S. artist by the name of Dan Meth, decided to reimagine some of the most popular American snacks we all know and love and rebrand them so that even hipsters would want to buy them. Essentially, you could say that by having a more unique packing, hipster will also take more time to actually taste the product and enjoy it properly. So check out some these artistically repackaged junk food and tell us which one you liked the most.

Hipsters might not be too keen on buying a conventional box of Hostess Twinkies.

But what if they came in a cigar box? We're guessing Hostess would have to change the name of the product to "Twigars." Then those hipsters would really be stuffing their faces with those golden sponge cakes with creamy filling.

Regular folks of all ages love a box of color separated Nerds, even though some colors do get mixed in there somewhere.

But with a hipster revamp, folks would be living dangerously with a fancy brown bag that's got two colors mixed all together. Then again, the color separation is a big selling point for Nerds, so this might not work out so well.

Fruit By The Foot might be tasty, but grown ups might find the packing to childish unless you hipsterize it like this.

Plus, nothing says hipster more than a can with a French label on it. Too bad the artist didn't translate it more accurately so that it read "Fruit Par Le Pied" or "Fruit Au Metre." Then It would really be something hip.

Dan Meth totally stripped the childish elements of Dunkaroos and gave it a more "Godiva Chocolatier" exterior, which hipsters would totally eat up.

Betty Crocker would certainly be able to get this popular snack back in most U.S. stores if Dan Meth's hipster repackaging was used. It looks all grown up on the outside, but will bring out the inner child in any hipster when they open the box.

What if Slim Jim received a hipster makeover? Well, it would be fancy AF, but it would stay just as fresh as the original package?

It might look as fancy schmancy as a box of expensive cigars, but unless they use additional wax paper inside, it won't stay fresh. Otherwise, it would turn into a thin, dried up sausages that not even hipsters would sink their teeth into.

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