By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

22 DIY Ideas To Recycle Old Toys… #16 Is The Best Light Fixture I’ve EVER Seen.

When we were kids, we coveted our toys; they held a very special place in our hearts and held such great value that losing them was the most devastating thing that could possibly happen in our young lives. As we grew older, we lost interest in toys and eventually what we once loved, are left in a storage box, thrown away or handed down and forgotten.

Although, sense of nostalgia is very strong when we are reunited with toys that we once played with or those playthings our children once enjoyed. There is a sadness in having to part with these priceless mementos once again as they serve no real purpose. However, thanks to some very crafty people, we now have the chance to up-cycle our playthings or those toys our children once played with.

The following photos pay an homage of sorts to not just our toys but our childhood as we well.

#1. Toy soldier strength.

#2. Quaking mini planters.

#3. LEGO my utensils.

#4. Animal head jewelry hanger.

#5. Half past Playmobil.

Half past Playmobil.

#6. Roaring dresser.

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