By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Ways You Can Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Décor Masterpieces.

Are you the kind of person who has an attic full of old furniture, a garage full of old household items, or a bunch of empty shelves scattered throughout your house?

If that sounds like you - don't worry, we feel your pain. It's so easy to accrue things over the course of time, and in the end, many of those things end up neglected, unused, or stacked in a dusty corner.

Fear not: Here, we've compiled 16 interesting ways to repurpose your old stuff into something new and great - most of these projects are relatively simple and affordable, and will upgrade your home instantly. We don't know how we didn't think of #8 ourselves.

#1. A vintage suitcase end table.

Fastening legs to an antique suitcase can give your living room some old world charm. Bonus: You can also store blankets inside.

#2. Clever globe lamps.

Globes are hollow inside, making them an excellent candidate for this DIY project. By cutting a globe in half, you can create two light fixtures that will add a bit of bookish ambiance to any room.

#3. A repurposed dresser.

If you think of a dresser as simply raw materials, it's easy to see how versatile they are to repurpose. Simply removing a few drawers can turn a dresser into a whole new piece of furniture.

A repurposed dresser.

#4. A bed frame message board.

Unused bed frames take up space in the attic or basement. Why not repurpose one into this clever message board, which would be a surprising and quaint addition to a front entryway?

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