By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Ways You Can Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Décor Masterpieces.

#5. A Lego table.

Kids love Legos, but the problem is that they get everywhere - and usually find their way to under your feet. This lego table keeps them all in one place, and gives your little ones a place to build.

#6. A clever birdbath.

These two surprising items make a great team when it comes to making a birdbath for your garden. We love the antique finish on the birdbath as well.

#7. Tire seating.

Lots of people have an old tire just inexplicably hanging out int heir garage, for whatever reason. Why not turn it into something useful? This DIY will repurpose a tire into an expensive-looking outdoor seating option in no time.

#8. An incredible ice chest.

This DIY is a little complex, but also one of our favorites. If you decide to replace your outdated fridge, this repurposing could put that trusty old Frigidaire to good use. We love the unfinished wood and counter space on this DIY - the new and improved ice chest would be great in an outdoor dining area.

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