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20 Homeless Dogs Looking For A Forever Home… I Fell Instantly In Love With #14.

When in search of a new dog to bring into your household and family, you should never shop for one but rescue one.

Animal shelters all around the world help prevent overpopulation and surrenders as they take animals in. It is true that when you adopt a dog from a pet shelter, you are saving a life. Don't worry, shelters are full of various dogs of every breed, size, and age. You're sure to find your new best friend there.

We've taken the liberty of compiling a list of websites you can check out and adopt dogs from for various cities. For even more thorough and detailed information, be sure to visit the website or call the shelters.

Please also note that there is more than one adoption agency website for each city out there. The links we've provided are just suggestions to help you get started on your search.

#1. Portland, Oregon

This is Minnie. She’s a shepherd-labrador, about 8 years old. Gets along well with children, potty-trained. She’s located at the Oregon Humane Society.

#2. Tampa, Florida

Just another happy adoptable dog behind the scenes at another Adam Golberg photoshoot at Tampa Bay Humane Society.

#3. Washington D.C.

Meet Benji. He's a Collie mix at the age of five. He's friendly, playful, and super affectionate. Come hang out with him at DC's City Dog's Rescue.

#4. New Orleans, Louisiana

This is Babar. He's a small white Terrier. He was saved from a high-kill shelter. He's potty trained and ready to be a part of a new family. Come meet him at New Orlean's Animal Rescue.

#5. Los Angeles, California

Say hello to Peaches. She's a Labrador Retriever, about 12 years old. She's a sweet senior that enjoys snuggling, short walks, and belly rubs. Peaches' adoption fee is already paid, which means she's free to adopt! Come see her at "Best Friends" in Los Angeles.

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