By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Unlikely Friendship Between A Paralyzed Dog And His Guinea Pig Is Too Cute.

Best friends are hard to come by. Finding the individual who will listen to your problems, be there in times of need, and also know how to keep up with your partying ways is like winning the lottery. Rex is a Boxer whose best friend is a tiny and fluffy Guinea Pig named Smores.

The two formed an unlikely friendship when they met at the Leo Puppy Mill Survivor. Rex was rescued from a kill shelter in October 2015. The canine suffers from degenerative myelopathy and requires a wheelchair to get around. Smores came to the rescue centre in January this year and the moment they met, it was love at first sight.

Smores goes everywhere with Rex; going along for the ride in a small compartment attached to the wheelchair. Despite being from different species and size, these two buddies love to cuddle and have their treats together. Just like old buddies.

Rex and Smores love to stay indoors and sit in front of the fan when it's hot outside.

Smores loves to kiss Rex. He may be a big Boxer but he's not shy to show some love back.

Rex is a senior canine who was rescued by Holly Walthers, the founder of the Leo Puppy Mill Survivor.

The two have joined Walthers on road trips and many outings.

Rex is very patient with Smores. He will usually quietly wait for her to finish her breakfast before getting his. This usually earns him a cookie.

Rex is known for looking to his side to make sure his bestie is comfortable and safe. A true gentleman.

Some of Smores' favourite snacks are cilantro and kale.

When Rex was sick for a couple of days with an upset stomach, Smores wouldn't leave his side. A true and loyal friend.

Due to his degenerative myelopathy condition, Rex needs to take a break from his wheelchair throughout the day. He likes to sit on the light brown, leather chair wrapped in a blanket. When Smores arrived at the shelter in January she was placed in the chair with Rex to keep each other company. They never leave each other's side now.

Smores giving Rex a kiss after he gifted her with a hot pink car.

Smores is not allowed to be around other canines. The others would not be so gentle with her but Rex fell in love with her immediately.

Rex and Smores love to stare at their human for extra treats. It works every time!

Source: Family Pet