By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

The Shocking Before And After Photos Of 16 Rescued Dogs. #6 Nearly Broke My Heart.

#5. Iggy

When Iggy was found in Mexico, he was barely alive with a horrible eye infection. Someone shared his photo and story on Facebook, people were so moved, they donated to have him transported to the US for treatment. Now he’s happy and playful.

#6. Rasta

When this poor guy was found on the streets of Montreal, he could barely even move because of all the matted hair. Now look how handsome he is after he’s been cleaned up and shown some love and attention.

#7. Treasure

Treasure is a miniature pure-bred poodle. She was terribly neglected and discovered by someone who was driving by. She couldn’t even walk because of her thick, matted hair. She was taken to the vet where she was properly taken care of. Now look at what a cutie she is!

#8. Miley

Miley was found living out of a pile of garbage. She had mange and other injuries so severe, she could hardly walk. Now she lives a happy life with a new family after being rescued!

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