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Helpless Puppies Were Born 18 Feet Underground. They Needed A Miracle To Save Them.

After cries for help were heard in the distance, red flags were raised. Chances of survival were slim since they were so far from civilization and without access to food or water. A simple phone call began an epic life-saving mission. Sadly, one woman’s life came to a tragic end, but her memory would continue on in the lives that were left behind.

Hope For Paws/YouTube

While on the outskirts of LA, in between a rail yard and a highway, the desperate sounds of high-pitched whimpers were being drowned out by the hustle and bustle of high-speed traffic. Luckily, one passerby was in the right place at the right time. As he put his ear close to the ground, his heart dropped: there was no mistaking it. The cries of terrified puppies could be heard coming from far below the surface.

Hope for Paws/YouTube

Locals told the unnamed stranger that a feral dog in the area had been evading rescue teams for years. Some even said that the dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies, but hadn’t been seen for a few days. That meant only one thing: without food and water, and protection from other animals, those puppies wouldn't make it. The stranger knew there was only one team who could take on a job like this.

Hope For Paws/YouTube

Time was running out for the pups, so he called LA animal rescue specialists Hope for Paws and asked specifically for the A-Team, decorated heroes Eldad and Audrey Hagar. If anyone was able to find and rescue these pups successfully, it was this dynamic duo. Together they have saved, fostered and rehabilitated countless dogs suffering in LA's concrete jungle. But even still, as the team approached the source of the whimpers, the team started wondering if they were led into a trap.

Things just weren't adding up. First of all, the team had no idea where the puppies were exactly, nor how many there might be. What's worse, the only sound they could hear was the speeding cars from the nearby highway. In fact, all they had to go on was the last location of the dog: a creepy, abandoned strip of land far from town. And just then, right before they were about to call it a day, they fell right into it.

After several hours, Eldad and his team finally stumbled upon the tiny cave the stranger was referring to. Yet no puppies could be heard. The cave was too small and unstable to crawl into, leaving them with one choice. They had to lure them out. The puppies, having never met a human before were petrified. But after a while, their grumbling bellies got the best of them and a few hesitantly emerged from hiding. But as soon as their little heads became visible, Eldad's real problem started to show itself.

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