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Helpless Puppies Were Born 18 Feet Underground. They Needed A Miracle To Save Them.

As a few puppies crept forward, the first thing Eldad noticed was their diverse fur coloring and patterns. The mother was reported to be tan-colored, but these pups were black, brown, tan and everything else in-between. That meant only one thing for Eldad. They weren't trying to rescue one litter, they were rescuing at least two! And now, as the pups were in range, Eldad and his team made a huge mistake: one that would force Eldad to put his life on the line.

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When one got close enough, Lisa Arturo, a team member, scooped it up. She pet it, trying to show the rest of the litter that there was no reason to be afraid. He seemed to enjoy it. That was, until the unthinkable happened. "They don't understand what we're doing there, for all they know we're predators trying to hurt them," Hagar said.

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When one pup let out a scream, both litters bolted back to the caves below. Without ever being held by human hands before, can you really blame them? Luckily, team leader Eldad had a backup plan. He began digging out the entrance so he could crawl into the caves to search for the pups. The work, however, was dangerous, not just for the puppies, but for Eldad as well.

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The tunnels were so cramped that his only exit was to be pulled out. Using a pole with a rope-catch, he courageously saved a few by “fishing them out." By this time though, the remaining pups were so terrified that they fled well out of the rescue team’s reach. It would take a miracle to rescue them now.

Hope For Paws/Youtube

Left with no choice, they began digging their way to the puppies, which were located 18 feet underground. After locating two more puppies, the total number of rescued puppies came to 8. By a miracle, after making one last dive, he located the last silent, shivering puppy. But the rescue mission was still far from over.

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