By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

He Was Homeless And Afraid… But Now He’s Loving His Second Chance At Life.

Some dogs never have the opportunity to experience life beyond their continual quest for food and shelter when living on the streets.

Here's a video about a poor, scared dog who didn't have a home. Toto was so afraid of his potential rescuers from Hope For Paws, that he tried to bite them. Watch this video to see the whole story of Toto's transformation from homeless dog on the streets, to beautiful, playful dog looking for his forever home.

Thanks to the people at Hope For Paws, it looks like Toto may be able to have a life off the streets. To donate, or to find out more about this wonderful organization, visit Hope For Paws. For more information about adopting Toto or other rescue dogs and giving them the loving forever homes they deserve, visit Star Paws Rescue. To help Toto and other rescue dogs, share this post.