By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Did What ANYONE With A Heart Would Do… But She Didn’t Expect To Receive So Much In Return.

What would you do if you stumbled upon a suffering animal? Would you alert your local animal shelter? Would you call the police to handle the problem? Would you just walk away? Or would you take it upon yourself to help the animal, even if it might turn out badly?

This woman selflessly decided to do the latter, and in the end it was the best decision she could have ever made.

This woman found a mother and her four pups abandoned in a freezing back yard. They had nothing to eat, and the mother was quite ill.

After taking the mother to be nursed to health at a local animal hospital, the woman made sure three of four puppies were adopted to loving homes.

She kept one of the puppies and named it Vackor.

Then, she decided to start a Tumblr page to document Vackor's life. Everyone on the internet should be grateful for her decision to do so, because the pictures are SO CUTE.

She documented all of Vackor's puppy adventures...

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